The Artisté, Noele Charles or “SHE” is what Noele likes to be called, born a feminist lesbian in Brooklyn, in her mind  Noele was always going to change the world.  

NOELENOELE is a cosmetic line for women to jump outside their comfort zone and jump into one of NOELE’S  personas. Noele is tired of women feeling confined. “Fuck the rules,” she says “We only have one chance to live!”  

This brand is unapologetically for women of color. Everything in this world is unapologetically NOT for women of  color so NOELENOELE will be the one space for them to live.  

The brand started in a well of depression, in a time Noele needed to find herself, find what’s important. Her path  was even more challenging because of her gender. Who would have thought? Everyone had their definition of this  woman’s path, and Noele had no voice. She was silenced with what a women should be doing and not doing. So  what was next?  

“The only way out was starting with the outside,” Noele said, “Fake it to you make it!”  

Noele began to create simple personas while testing out her new colors and formulas. Dressing up and acting not  like herself, just someone different. Someone that enjoyed life. This game and of course a lot of compliments slowly  created a foundation of lip colors.  

These colors now only worked for Noele, so she started to introduce Muses into her lab. Each lipstick in completely  inspired by a close person in Noele’s life: either a distant partner, close relative or bestie.  

Noele created cosmetics for people of color but most importantly, keeping high quality ingredients & luxury is at the  forefront. These cosmetics will never irritate the skin, works on all skin tones and just makes women feel fabulous.