Hi Noele, I bought your purple lipstick on Valentine’s Day at the event on 8th street. I am wearing it with my purple mascara! Thank you! And I love the case too!
Ellen Israel
Hi Noele, please tell me the address of your pop up store. I found you a month ago and bought a lipstick that I love. I’d like to buy more!
Jan Cicatello
Hi Noelle- my daughter bought be a clear lip gloss from you that is super sticky and I love it!
Stacy Bergman
I purchased you lip gloss back in November. It’s safe to say I have never had anything like I would like to purchase another one I am absolutely obsessed with it I can’t live without it. I wear it every single day🤍
Maddy Moase
Your lotion is so bomb, I love it
Fume O.